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    Your 24/7 surveillance system that activively monitors, tracks, collects and forward alarms.
    The central tool in your surveillance center for administrating turbine events and service teams.



The Alarm Center monitor and receive alarms from modem or IP based wind turbines. It is designed around an SQL server that stores all alarms and collected data. Alarms can be forwarded either manually or automatically to individual users.

The Alarm center can collect data for further data mining and reporting using the report generator where custom SQL queries can be designed.

Flexible solutions
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The Alarm Center can be purchased with one or more protocols for different turbine manufactures and types. Protocols can be added as wished via the Internet.


Even though the Alarm Center allow the customer to receive alarm calls via SMS and E-Mails, is it also possible to access the turbines via Andromeda. This allows the owner or service providers to have full control over the turbines directly over IP. The Alarm Center also allows for multiple users to access the same turbines simultaneously.

The Alarm Center key features

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24/7 Monitoring

The Alarm Center monitors the turbines and reports all alarms or loss of connection immediately via E-Mail.


The Alarm Center can run on a wide range of Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 10. It has been tested and is fully compatible on following systems on previous mentioned platforms.

It supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms.


The Alarm center can monitor turbines both via classic modem lines and via TCP/IP.

Dialup turbines are checked on a daily basis

Online (IP based) turbines are monitored every 30 sec.

The Alarm Center infrastructure in details

The Alarm Center is designed around an SQL server that handles all configuration, data collection and alarm handling. It can be bought with one or more communation drivers that allows the system to talk to a wide range of different turbine types.

illustration of the alarm center systems infrastructure

The communication explained in details

Communication via modem

All turbines equipped with classic modems will dialup to the alarm center and deliver the alarm message. The modem system is based on the turbines capability to make alarm calls. To ensure that the Alarm Center can and will receive messages from modem based turbines can the Alarm Center run a daily dialup sequence to verify that the turbines are capable of receiving a call and to check if it can communicate and is error free.

Communication via IP

Turbines equipped with IP communication will actively be monitored every 30 seconds 24/7. The system will trigger an automatically generated alarm if an error occurs or the communication to the turbine is lost. Since all IP based turbines are connected to the Alarm Center can you access all your turbines as one park regardless of the physical location of the turbines. The access can be done via our universal SCADA client Andromeda or for monitoring purposes via the Atlas web interface.

Online access to turbines

The Alarm Center allows for creation of individual scenarios where one or more turbines can be added to each scenario. Each scenario can then be assigned to one or more users thereby allowing for individual or group configurations of which turbines each customer can access. When a customer connects via the Atlas web interface or via the universal SCADA client Andromeda will only the turbines assigned to the user be visible.

The Alarm Center feature list

SQL server based

Multi user system

Distributed system

Supports a wide range of turbines

Multiple modem handling

Modem caller ID

Logs all incoming calls
(Both failed and completed calls)

Daily line and com. check

Daily data collection

Park configuration

Individual users

Report generator

Duty-rosters for:

  • Automated E-Mail service
  • Automated SMS service

Logbook handling

  • Assign events to users
  • Open/ In Progress / Closed

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Access to a wide range of turbine types

See all turbine types the Alarm Center is compatible with.

• Nordtank

• NEG-Micon / Micon

• Vestas

• Wind World

• Wincon


• Jacobs

• Bonus

• Siemens

• Repower

• DeWind

• Fuhrländer

• Tacke

• SüdWind


• Orbital

• Lagerwey

• Nordex

• DanWind

• And many more...

Please contact us if your turbine is not on the list.