• Welcome to PS-Data
    We specialize in SCADA software for the wind industry.
  • Andromeda SCADA Client
    A simpel way to connect all your wind turbines into a single product.
    Andromeda makes is easy for you to online monitor and control your turbines.
  • Alarm Center
    SCADA Server
    Your 24/7 surveillance system that activively monitors, tracks, collects and forward alarms.
    The central tool in your surveillance center for administrating turbine events and service teams.
  • Orion
    The universal SCADA Server
    Your 24/7 SCADA server that actively monitors, collect and forward alarms.
    The ideal solution for actively monitoring your turbines using an up to date internet based infrastructure.
    Allowing you to get rid of the outdated phone lines and modems.
  • Atlas Hosted Solution
    IP based hosted solution
    Web based solution to access your turbines hosted on our Atlas server.
    Atlas gives 24/7 access to your turbines data via any device with internet connection.

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